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Time to be cautious about planning your retirement income.

You need to carefully design your strategy for monthly income. Why? Your total savings amount isn't high relative to the income you expect to generate. This means less margin for error. Review The 3 Big Risks and how to manage them.

  • To help mitigate longevity risk, your income strategy should include a measure of lifetime guaranteed* income. A straightforward income annuity will help.
  • To plan for the impact of rising inflation, your strategy should expose an appropriate amount of savings to equity investments. Seek investments with low fees and expenses.
  • You will benefit from a formal, written plan describing your income strategy.
  • Ask for a NextPhase Personalized Analysis developed for retirees like you, who've saved just enough.

* When utilizing annuities for guaranteed income, these guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

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